Responsive WordPress Themes

A “Responsive Design” is one that scales properly for display on both computer display and mobile devices.  Over the past year or so, there has been a significant push toward responsive themes for WordPress, but finding them can be difficult, so we’re providing a short list of responsive themes.

As previously mentioned, we think it’s a really good idea to use a theme before you buy or download it, so the information provided below includes links to each theme’s information page where you can click through to use their demo.

Note:  There are many themes, particularly StudioPress themes, which have recently been made responsive.

Theme Frameworks Supporting Responsive

!Important: Frameworks are basically heavily optioned themes that allow for full customization of the look, feel and makeup of your site.  While many will allow non-programmers/non-designers to do this, it’s not recommended that you try these unless you, or someone designing for you, are fluent in CSS at the very least.

Catalyst using the Dynamic Child Theme supports responsive design.  More info
Genesis using the Prose Child Theme supports responsive design.  More info
Only Headway 3x (i.e., not Headway 2x) supports responsive design.  More info

StudioPress Responsive Themes

Minimum Theme

A stunning execution of “less is more”, the Minimum child theme expresses everything you’re about, with very little effort…
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Going Green Theme

Maybe you want to save the earth. Maybe you want to save your neighborhood.  Going Green is the clean and stable platform you can tell the world from. Make a difference with your website…
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Outreach Theme

A church is one of the most information intensive organizations. Don’t let your message get lost.  Outreach gives you the framework you want, so you can give your people the message they need.
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Eleven40 Theme

Designed to wow your audience at first glance, the eleven40 theme gives you unprecedented spaciousness to show off your best content.  Our intelligent design will capture your reader’s attention and then keep it by instantly detecting mobile devices and adjusting size to suit. Wider is better with the eleven40 theme.
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News Theme

When you have readers and customers who are always hungry for more, deliver it in style with the publishing powerhouse News theme.  News theme supports all of the great articles, audio and video of your content-heavy site, with eye-popping design and simple navigation. News theme keeps you on the front lines.
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Agency Theme

Represent your professional services with confidence and clarity by harnessing the stream-lined professionalism of the Agency theme.  First impressions are everything, and Agency’s smart look and ease-of use will take your client and customer connections to the next level. Let Agency be the face of your Agency.
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Focus Theme

We’re living in the Age of Distraction, with unlimited options pulling your readers in countless directions. It’s time to focus…  The Focus Theme was built to bring your words, pictures and videos into sharp relief. It’s a clean and powerful theme with one critical objective: concentrating your priceless reader’s attention.
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Generate Theme

In the end, it all comes down to your list. Your email list. If you need to generate more and better email leads, you need web design that specifically supports that goal.  The Generate theme aims all the power and flexibility of Genesis at your most important asset. It’s designed to elegantly lead your site traffic to one action – join the email list.
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Mocha Theme

Mocha is the perfect theme for fashion, music, and style blogs… or anyone who craves stylish design.  Mocha’s sophisticated design, upscale color scheme, and uncluttered layout always deliver a delicious experience for your audience.
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Streamline Theme

Your website shouldn’t get in the way of your stories. Here’s your chance to tell it like it is.  Streamline throws light on your work, letting you get back to what’s important. Focus on the things that really matter.
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Prose Theme

The Prose theme for WordPress is the premier online publisher’s website solution. Its point-and-click design controls allow you to effortlessly change almost any aspect of your site without touching a single line of code.  Prose is also fully mobile responsive, which automatically allows your audience to see your content beautifully displayed — whether from a desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet.
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Elegant Themes Responsive Designs


Lucid Theme

Lucid is a sleek and modern magazine theme that does a great job displaying tons of content while at the same time avoiding the feeling of clutter. Clean design elements and a strict grid give the theme an organized layout that is a pleasure to read. Lucid is also fully responsive, meaning that the design will adapt to mobile phones and tablets for a more intuitive browsing experience.
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Chameleon Theme

Chameleons are known for their ability to change the color of their skin. The patterns and color combinations you find in chameleons are almost endless, and our new theme is no different! Chameleon was created to be a simple and professional theme with loads of customization options that do not require web development experience to utilize.
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Aggregate Theme

Aggregates comes packed with tons of content and widget-ready areas, and manages to display everything in a clear and readable manner. We have also added some handy new widgets, as well as many new advertisement areas. If you have been searching for a feature-rich Magazine-style theme for your blog, then look no further!
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Evolution Theme

Evolution is our first fully responsive design. What makes the theme so special is its ability to adapt to various screen sizes. Evolution come with 4 distinct layouts, each meant to improve your user’s experience when browsing on mobile phones and tablets. No longer will they need to zoom and scroll to view your site, as the theme’s layout will adapt to the small screen and serve your content in an intuitive way automatically. Just try reducing your browser’s window size when preview the theme to see the magic in action!
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DeepFocus Theme

Now you can turn your WordPress blog into a fully functional online photo gallery while still maintaining all of the features of a normal blog. Along with the gallery layout, DeepFocus comes with a robust blog and CMS-style homepage as well, making it an amazing solution for artists/photographers looking to build an online presence.
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SimplePress Theme

SimplePress is a slick new page-based theme great for anyone looking to give their website a clean and professional look. My goal with this design was to make something similar to our other business-oriented themes, but with a simpler and crisper aesthetic. The theme features a un-bloated bloated homepage with a beautiful javascript slider and clear hierarchy, as well as fully functional Blog and Gallery sections.
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Nova Theme

Nova is a sharp, simplistic design that makes for an intuitive user experience. Nova’s biggest strength is its homepage, which allows you to organize your content into two areas. The Featured Slider is perhaps the most versatile slider we have built, and comes with multiple slider variations that breath new life into the design.
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Trim Theme

Trim is simple, professional, versatile and fast. We have had a lot of requests for a less stylistic, lightweight design, and that is exactly what we created. Trim might be simple, but with that simplicity comes a sense of balance and crispness that is quite refreshing. Coupled with a bunch of great features, Trim is a great theme that will prove useful for a variety of different websites.
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CSSIgniter Responsive Themes


Glare Theme

Are you a Photographer or a Model who needs to showcase his/her work? Search no more, Glare is the perfect theme for you.
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Mustache Theme

Who said business and portfolio websites can’t be this beautiful? With Mustache, you can have a portfolio full of eye candy in minutes.
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Pinfinity Theme

Ready to share your online findings with your visitors? With Pinfinity, our tumblr-like theme for WordPress you can do it à la Pinterest. Sweet!
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Aegean Resort Theme

Welcome to Aegean Resort. Our beautiful responsive WordPress theme specifically designed to showcase your hotel / resort  in style. Enjoy your stay.
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Me Theme

Meet Me. A responsive vCard theme for WordPress for those who want a really simple – but powerful – “About me” page. Responsive, 35 color schemes, cssigniter love. It’s all yours to keep.
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Molly Theme

Molly is the perfect WordPress theme for bloggers who share any type of content. Audio, videos, links, images, image galleries and more!
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Most themes available on RSW, but not all.  Limitations of your account level may prevent access to some themes.  See account inclusions for more information.