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    Jon Hardison

    Welcome to the RSW Forum!

    If you need help with Real Simple Webs, things like issues with your account, maybe you’re not sure how to connect your RSW account to your Facebook or Twitter accounts… things of that nature, post these questions to RSW Support.

    If you’re having an issue with a theme or plug-in that you can’t get to work, please post those questions to the Site Support Forum. These are the only two support groups, so it should be easy to get answers to all your questions by joining both of these.

    We encourage you to take some time and go through support requests to see if you can help other members. Especially if you’re a service provider. It’s a great way to show your expertise and make business connections and friends.

    Now for the rules. These are strictly enforced so be sure not to violate them.

    The point of these forums are to provide assistance to those who need it. BE RESPECTFUL! If an answer has already been given but you feel you have a better one, give it with a smile. 🙂

    No pitching of services. If you’re found pitching services in groups or forums it is very possible you will lose access to the group or your account may be closed without warning. We’re very serious about this. Absolutely no pitching, and that includes indirect pitching.

    Stay on topic. If a question is answered satisfactorily, don’t move onto a new question or an extension of the question in the same topic. Start a new topic. If you believe a user who has helped you with a previous question might be helpful, tag them by using @membername.

    Titles & Tags: Be sure to be as specific and concise. Your title should not say “Having a problem!” or “It’s Broken”.  An example of a good title would be, “Can’t send Private Messages to some members” or “Not receiving notifications of @ mentions”. Tags should refer to the specific service(s) you’re having problems with, i.e., profile editing, forums, @ mentions, etc., and should not be things like errors, problems, or issues. The idea is that people should be able to find your resolved topic in the forums to keeping them from having to ask the same question(s), which brings us to our last rule.

    Search the forum for your issue before you post. It becomes more likely every day that it has already been discussed and resolved.


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